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Web Hosting and Domain Name

A great domain name (your should not only reflect the nature of your business or the focus of your website but it should also be easy to remember and impossible to misspell.  And, to be truly effective, the domain name, a principal marketing tool,  should be displayed everywhere practical: on stationery, business cards, invoices, letterheads, signage, vehicles, etc. The more visible, the better.

When selecting a domain name, almost all domain name registrars or web hosting firms offer a way of playing with different domain names to see which are available and which are not.  For example, GoDaddy offers this feature at

When comparing web hosting packages, it’s your choice as to which best fits your budget in terms of monthly rates.  From a web designer’s perspective, the better web hosting firms offer 24/7 technical support and contact with a real person versus a recording.  Upon request and based on our experience, we can offer some suggestions on preferred web hosts.

Straightforward Design – No Clutter

BRK Web Designs believes in creating each website with a clean, appealing design with no clutter. A quality design is attractive to look at and easy to read with intuitive navigation. We have all experienced websites that, when opened, explode across the entire screen, overwhelming the viewer and requiring a great deal of scrolling to learn what is even on the page.  Many such websites also have so many links and distracting graphics that it is almost impossible to find the sought after information without a great deal of effort.

BRK Web Designs’ approach is ……… KEEP IT SIMPLE!  In addition to eye appeal and easy navigation, the website should put the viewer in logical and immediate contact with the information they seek. If the viewer has to search around too much for what they want, they tend to bail out quickly and not return to the website.

User Friendly Navigation

Nothing irritates or confuses a viewer more than being bounced from one navigation link to another while looking for information only to “get lost” within the website with no observable way to get back to where they started.  Or, similarly, clicking on a link that takes them to another totally different website with no perceptible way to get back to where they started.

BRK Web Designs believes in keeping the navigation aides simple and straightforward, all with the intent of helping the viewer find what they are looking for or what your website has to offer.  Easy to navigate websites are more likely to entice viewers or customers to return.

Uniqueness - Distinction

There seems to be a misperception that there are some “appearance standards” that should be met when designing a website.  That is, every website should have the logo and primary navigation aides at the top of the page followed by a huge graphic or photo, followed by some text…… etc.., etc.  If you want your website to “follow the herd,” that might be acceptable.  BRK Web Designs is not driven by any such “standards” or expectations. We approach your website design in terms of what is best to establish YOUR unique “brand.”  That might mean deviating from what the “herd” is doing and creating something totally unique for your business or organization.  Remember, appearance is important but viewers are more interested in CONTENT.

Keeping Content Updated

While we are talking about CONTENT, remember that it is YOUR responsibility, as the website owner, to monitor and keep the content of your website current and updated.  Your web designer may have many more clients to take care of and should not be expected to make sure the information on your website is current.  You know your business or organization better than anyone. So, when things change, let your web designer know so the website can be updated.

No Monthly Maintenance Charge

At BRK Web Designs, we only charge for work actually done on your website. No changes – No charge! And, we take pride in not “nickel and diming” our clients for updates that may only take a few minutes to make.

In short, we think you will find that BRK Web Designs is a client-friendly company!

While a cliché, “We do aim to please.”

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